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The Adventures of Meg and Duffy

My first foray into Social Media management.

The Adventures of Meg and Duffy Logo

The Adventures of Meg and Duffy was the first social media campaign project that I ever conducted. Starting in February 2019, the campaign was a project that I conducted for my Social Media Technologies class, which was taught by Prof. Steve Voorhees at Mercer County Community College. When my class was assigned to conduct a social media campaign on Twitter, I chose to do mine about my pets. During my time on Twitter, I have noticed that there were a lot of successful social media accounts that were pet-related, like I've Pet That Dog. Knowing this, I figured that doing a pet-themed social media campaign would be a fun approach to the project. As such, I decided to pretend that Meg and Duffy were running the account with me. By doing so, I figured that it could help to give my account more personality.

Managing this social media campaign proved to be an interesting challenge for me. On top of making posts related to my pets, figuring out which posts got the most engagements plus when would be the best time to post them was a huge part of running the campaign. When The Adventures of Meg and Duffy ended by late April/early May 2019, I managed to amass 2,674 impressions and 102 engagements with other Twitter users. Furthermore, the campaign achieved 109 followers by the time it ended.

The Adventures of Meg and Duffy Blog

In addition to maintaining the Twitter account, I also ran a Blogspot for The Adventures of Meg and Duffy. While I only made a handful of posts for it, managing the blog allowed me to make campaign content in a more formal way. Towards the end of the campaign, I was also tasked with interviewing someone related to my campaign. Since The Secret Life of Pets 2 was coming out in the summer of 2019, I contacted and interviewed the film's writer, Brian Lynch, for it. Working on this sub-assignment for the campaign also allowed me to make my first audio production.

After the campaign was completed, I received an A for the assignment.

To listen to the interview podcast that I conducted with Brian Lynch, you can listen to it in the embedded Soundcloud player below. You can also access the Twitter account of The Adventures of Meg and Duffy here. The Blogspot that I also ran for the campaign can be found here.

Thomas L. ยท The Meg and Duffy Show Episode One - An Interview with Brian Lynch