Thomas Lillja's Digital Portfolio

Misc. Projects

Other communication-related projects that I have worked on throughout college:

Trenton Apprenticeship Interview Story

Thomas L. ยท Lawrenceville New Jersey Resident Recalls Apprenticeship in State Capital

For my Writing For Interactive Media class during my final semester at The College of New Jersey, Professor Kim Pearson assigned us to work on an audio story, with one of the prompts being to interview an expert on Trenton history. Since my dad had an apprenticeship at his grandfather's machine shop in Trenton during the 70s and 80s, I knew he would be the perfect subject for my audio story. I received an A for this assignment.

Alpha Phi Omega PR Brochure

Another assignment for my Writing for Interactive Media class was that we had to create a brochure to promote a community cause that we are familiar with. As a brother of Alpha Phi Omega, I decided to do my brochure on the fraternity. I then used the brochure-designing skills that I learned while working on my health campaign for Theories of Persuasion to make it in Apple Pages.

Lady and the Shallot Video Story

One assignment that I had a lot of fun making for my Writing for Interactive Media class was a video story on Lady and the Shallot, a vegan restaurant at the Trenton Farmers Market in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. I received an A for this assignment.