Thomas Lillja's Digital Portfolio

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Research Projects

Communication-related research projects that I have worked on throughout college:

Nationwide Media Coverage of State and Local Responses to COVID-19

Professional-level research paper

While taking Methods of Communication Research during my spring 2021 semester at The College of New Jersey, I was assigned by Dr. John Pollock (my course instructor) to work with three other students on analyzing the coverage of a certain topic that U.S. newspapers were reporting on. We decided our topic would be state and local government responses to COVID-19. Our assignment lasted the entire semester, and served as my introduction to the community structure theory. In the end, we analyzed 700 articles from 28 different newspapers across the United States. I also received an A- for the assignment.

Click here to read the full research paper.

Health Campaign Condom Project

Condom magazine flyer for heath campaign project

For my Theories of Persuasion course during my Spring 2020 semester at The College of New Jersey, my course instructor Dr. Gary Woodward assigned my class to work on a campaign project advocating for a certain health behavior. This meant creating a flyer and pamphlet promoting the behavior plus an analysis on our specific target audience. While our campaign was meant to be a proof-of-concept, working on it helped me learn how to use publishing tools, identify a target audience for a certain message, and properly utilize the elements of ethos, pathos, and logos. I also received an A for the assignment.

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